Frequently Asked Questions

You can transfer your ticket to a qualified attendee (a healthcare traveler or dreamer)  for a $20 fee.

Volunteers who work 8 hours or more will get one free ticket into the conference. If you would like to volunteer for a few hours just for the fun of it please let us know. All help is appreciated! Please know that if you do not fulfill all your hours, you will be required to pay for your full conference ticket.
To volunteer for TravCon you get to have the spirit of “I will help where help is needed!” We assign jobs to you.
1. Be ready to stand and be active! Most positions will need you to stand for 4 hours at a time. There are very few positions that allow sitting.

2. Sometimes volunteer jobs will be during sessions. We will try to not schedule you during these times if there is a session you want to attend, just let us know! The tentative schedule will be released in May.

3. There is a required orientation at 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Following the orientation there will be a fun reception for the volunteers from 4-6pm.
Travelers love to volunteer at TravCon so most years we fill up fast! But there is a waiting list for volunteers! Things will happen and positions may come up at the last minute. If you have already bought your ticket and end up volunteering instead, we’ll refund your ticket. (Don’t hesitate to buy your TravCon ticket at the early bird price!)
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