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I was nervous at first about being a traveler! My friends and family from back home doubted my decision but something in me knew traveling was something I needed to try. As I got started there were things I had no clue about. I didn’t know about tax homes, about how to interview for a travel position, how to find the right recruiters or even what fair pay was. I didn’t know where to find housing, what apps to download, and I didn’t personally have a network of other travelers to call and ask for advice along the way. TravCon literally changed all of this. It completely changed my life, my confidence, my circle of (amazing) friends.

I can not imagine being a traveler in healthcare and not coming to this conference. Not only is it FUN, you will learn so much and get CEs as you learn. I recommend TravCon to every single traveler or dreamer that I meet! I’ll be there every year because … TravCon is where my people are!!

Why do YOU Want to Attend TravCon?

Having attended all of them, it is in my blood now!! Like a family reunion!
Irene Jervis
Where else can you be around people who actually understand what you do and why?!
Nicole Roper
Fun! Meeting new people. Parties! Food! Employment opportunities. Networking. Learning. Loads of goodies!!
Erica Wood
To learn how to become a more savvy traveler and be exposed to opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be! I would also like to network and finally meet the recruiters I’ve been working with! 🙂
Jason Diggs
Y’all are my alternate family.
Cathy Hilton
I LOVE meeting travelers face to face, hearing their stories and networking with everyone in the travel industry!
Travis Simonin
To have as much information as possible before I start to travel. LOVE THE INFORMATION HERE!
Kari Block

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