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Travel Nursing & Allied Life

We’re excited to share with you TravCon’s newest offering designed for travel nurses, allied professionals, and anyone involved in the industry.

We’re on a quest to inspire healthcare travelers to pursue their passions, excel in their careers, and explore their world. We talk about current issues and trends from the viewpoint of the traveler, the recruiter, and the industry players. Each week we’ll bring you a podcast from one of our mini-series:

Industry Trends 
Newbie News 
Speaker Series 
The Traveler Minute 
The Exhibitor Minute 

So plug in your devices, settle in, & join us on the TravCon podcast!


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Series Descriptions:

Travel Nursing & Allied Life is a podcast about all things related to Healthcare Traveling; especially travel nursing and allied travel. The TravCon team brings you current information about the healthcare travel industry so you can stay updated and connected throughout the year. We host the following series:

Industry Trends: Interviewing the leaders of the industry & travel nursing agencies on current trends in the healthcare travel industry. 

Speaker Series: Giving you a sneak peak into the information & sessions provided at the upcoming conference.

Newbie News: Covering issues for new travelers or those dreaming about starting their healthcare travel career – nursing or allied. 

The Traveler Minute: Where you hear tips from experienced healthcare travelers that they find especially important. 

The Exhibitor Minute: We bring you tips and insights from recruiters and other industry insiders. 

TravCon is here to help guide & connect all healthcare professionals from all specialties, navigate their travel careers, & stay current with the trends & changes.

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