Professional Research Poster

Professional Research Poster

For the first time ever, TravCon, the largest gathering of healthcare travelers, is inviting graduate and post-graduate students, clinical researchers, and fellow travelers to submit a professional original research poster at this year’s TravCon! Approved poster presenters will receive a $100.00 discount on the conference price! Even if you have already registered, we will credit approved presenters for the $100.

Professional posters will be displayed at the conference in a designated area, and you will have an assigned space for display. There will be 1 hour dedicated time for you to present your poster, answer questions, and enjoy networking with conference attendees. With over 1700 attendees at our 2023 conference, you will be able to share your research and garner feedback from a diverse group of learners. We look forward to learning about your research!

Deadline for Abstract submission is August 1st, 2024

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

You will need to provide the following information regarding your abstract:

  • Purpose and problem (PICOT question)
  • Background and Significance (describe the importance of the study and its aims)
  • Literature Review
  • Proposed or enacted implementation
  • Evaluation of implementation (if implemented, describe the effectiveness of the innovation and how success was measured)
  • Implications for Practice or Education
  • Future Recommendations (identify any future research or ideas for implementation based on these findings)
  • Three key references that support your project
Selection Process

You are required to complete the “Submit Your Abstract” Form to the TravCon Education Planning Committee for review. Abstracts will be saved, and you will be contacted with invitations to present based on the focus of events, the relevance of the topic to our Traveling healthcare professional audience, and other considerations. Submissions will be held in a repository for up to one year. A new form should be submitted after that time or with any revised information. 

Questions regarding this process should be referred to [email protected]

Considerations for Abstract Submissions

Presenters will be asked to participate in their poster presentation and be available to discuss their findings during designated time frames during the conference.

Professional Research Poster Best Practices


  • You must be able to state your main point(s) succinctly.
  • All visuals and text should relate to those points.
  • Abstract can serve as an outline for your poster.
  • Determine specific size requirements; how things will be organized/displayed: on easels, on cork board with pushpins, tri-fold board displayed on table, etc.


  • Place key sections – objectives, study question (PICOT) methods, results.
  • Balance the placement of text and graphics.
  • Use white space creatively to define flow of information.
  • Poster sizes should be one-sided and at least 24” x 36” but not to exceed 48”x 60”.
  • Roll up posters are best for transportation. 
  • Materials can be either satin poster paper, fabric, foam board, or vinyl. 


  • Graphs communicate relationships quickly.
  • Graphs should be simple and clean.
  • Stick to simple 2-D line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts.
  • Follow text guidelines for graphs.
  • Use photos that help deliver your message. If a photo doesn’t deliver a message don’t use it.


  • Keep text elements to 50 words or less.
  • Don’t make fonts too large or too small.
    • Headline font size: 80-150 pts
    • Sub-Headline font size: 56-72 pts
    • Body font size: 32-36 pts


  • Use a light color background – dark letters for contrast.
  • Avoid dark backgrounds with light letters in a large area.
  • Stick to a theme of 2-3 colors.



  • Decide if you want to have a handout for viewers, but it’s not required.
  • Plan where you will place contact cards/business cards for people who wish to talk with you later.


  • Bring sturdy, clear push pins. These are not provided. Miscellaneous colored pins detract from the professional quality of your poster.
  • Check current airline rules regarding the handling of your poster as luggage or check rules regarding conference poster shipment guidelines. Most poster carriers will not meet carry on restrictions. If you wish to ship your poster, please contact [email protected].
  • Wear comfortable shoes while you are presenting.
  • This is a low-pressure way to present your work and meet colleagues who may further your work.
  • Add your contact info on the poster for people to contact you.


An effective poster is:

  1. Focused on a single message.
  2. Use of easy to interpret visual graphics will help tell the story and uses less text.
  3. Keep the sequence well-ordered and obvious.
Poster PowerPoint Templates
Refer-a-friend to TravCon
Refer-a-friend to TravCon
Refer-a-friend to TravCon
a group of healthcare travelers in a booth at TravCon
Refer-a-Friend to TravCon
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