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3 Tips for Preventing Nurse Burn Out

The report has been given. You’ve had your morning coffee. All of your patients have been rounded on. Everyone is safe. Medications administered. You’re off to a great start. As you’re getting ready to leave for your lunch break, you receive a call that one of your patients will be going down for a procedure.

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A Travel OT’s Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Prevent Burnout in Any Setting

As travelers, we are a rare species of clinicians. Most of us might profess that, to some degree, we did so because we crave freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom from the woes of office drama, and most importantly, freedom to reclaim more of our time. Then, we committed to this lifestyle because we embraced the

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Holiday Tips for Travelers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although as travelers, the holidays may bring some extra stress. While some of us may be home with our loved ones, others might be working far away from family. Some may have to work on holidays. If you find yourself on the road, here are some tips

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Ways to Meet People While Traveling

You attended TravCon in September and had the best time with new friends. Maybe you went to mixers with agencies or a show on the strip. The bond between travelers can be immediate with a shared sense of understanding of what the traveler’s life is like. Travelers make friends easily at TravCon and those friends

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Best Ways to Find Temporary Housing for Travel Healthcare Jobs

Finding temporary housing can be a considerable challenge for travelers. As a traveling healthcare professional, you have two choices when it comes to finding housing on assignment:   1. You can have your company provide housing. This has its pros and cons. As a pro, it’s less work for you. Your company does all of

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Self-Care Tips for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

Ready for your next assignment? Feeling butterflies? As traveling healthcare personnel, we bounce around taking care of patients, but are we taking care of ourselves? I want to help you center by focusing on one baddie per blog post, in this case, the feeling of nervousness. I will then give you tools and tips for

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Nomadicare Calculator

Nomadicare Fair Pay Calculator

TravCon is happy to support travelers who create content to better the travel healthcare industry. This piece is from Laura Latimer, owner of Nomadicare, and a committee member for TravCon. She created a great calculator that help travelers better understand, navigate, and negotiate pay. Thanks Laura for sharing your work with the community! In December

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Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Author: Alex McCoy of As a healthcare professional, it can be hard to stay on top of healthy eating and exercise with a normal schedule. We give and give to our patients and our jobs are extremely physical. We often get home from work with just enough energy to pop in a microwave meal

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Travel Nursing

Author: Alex McCoy from Despite spending about six months beforehand researching the wide world of travel nursing, as I look back on the experience I can’t help but notice a handful of moments where I realize I either sold myself short or was too scared to speak out in ways that could have been helpful.

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