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TravCon is happy to support travelers who create content to better the travel healthcare industry. This piece is from Laura Latimer, owner of Nomadicare, and a committee member for TravCon. She created a great calculator that help travelers better understand, navigate, and negotiate pay. Thanks Laura for sharing your work with the community!

In December Nomadicare launched the Nomadi-fair Pay Calculator. This calculator is the first open resource of its kind, made specifically for healthcare travelers who can all agree that understanding pay has been one of the trickiest parts of the job! It was created for the unique pay packages of the travel healthcare industry, breaking out full pay packages into a detailed and transparent way.

Travelers (and recruiters alike) can enter any pay package into this calculator, as it prompts users to enter individual reimbursements (housing, meals and incidentals, license, travel, etc.), any other given rates in the contract, such as Overtime or Holiday pay rates, and other one-time reimbursements. The calculator doubles as a training tool and provides explanations of these various pieces of the pay puzzle: What is “Extra Time” exactly? What does it mean to have guaranteed hours? What happens if there’s a cancellation from the facility? Why does it matter and what is negotiable?

The calculator shows all the individual numbers but the magic is in the calculations that run in the background! A summary is provided to show travelers an estimated gross hourly rate and gross weekly pay as well, which allows travelers even compare pay packages ‘apples to apples’ based on one, grossly calculated rate. New and experienced travelers can learn everything that goes in to a pay package thanks to this tool!


Published April 7, 2019

Laura Latimer is the founder of as well as a traveling OT for 6 years (and counting!). She is on a mission to find the best recruiters in travel healthcare and connect them to travelers. She has been dubbed “The Recruiter Matchmaker” because she knows just how important a great recruiter is. Laura loves giving away resources , answering questions, and running free healthcare seminars.

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