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Gypsy insurance solutions booth at TravCon conference

Q&A With Gypsy Insurance Solutions

Meet Shari Daniel! She’s a labor and delivery nurse. She is also a licensed health insurance agent and owns Gypsy Insurance Solutions. Shari joined us for TravCon 2019 and plans to come back for 2021! A couple of years ago, when Shari’s youngest child was a senior in high school, she decided it was time to

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Healthcare Travel in Covid 19

Healthcare Travel in the Time of COVID-19

By Aaron Highfill, RN It would not be an overstatement to say that like many other industries, the healthcare industry has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic.  This chaos seems especially apparent among traveling healthcare professionals.  It seems counterintuitive that in a global pandemic, traveling healthcare professionals might have difficulty finding employment, but it happened. 

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mercy ships

Volunteer With Mercy Ships

Globally, it’s estimated that over 25% of the global disease burden could be addressed with access to safe, affordable surgical care – that’s five billion people. Seeking to meet the needs of the people behind these staggering statistics is at the heart of the Mercy Ships mission – to bring hope and healing to the

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a group of healthcare professionals wearing gloves

7 Tips for New Travel Nurses

Congratulations! You are entering the world of travel nursing! New travel nurses have the opportunity to explore new places and reflect on career goals. Maybe you want to travel to earn enough to meet financial goals. Maybe you’re mid-career looking for a change or heading into retirement looking for a place to settle down. Whatever

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Tips for Sharing a Rental With Other Healthcare Travelers

When it comes to finding short term housing as a healthcare traveler, there are a plethora of ways you can make it work. From RV life to extended-stay hotels, to renting a room in someone’s home each traveler will probably have to experiment a bit and figure out exactly what works for them.  If you

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a dog giving a women kisses

Traveling With a Puppy

Author: Heather Marshall, DPT Some sentences people may have heard me utter over the last 5 months… “No don’t eat that.” “Ew stopping eating that”. “Stop licking me I can’t breathe!” “This is not a Gypsy toy… THIS is a Gypsy toy.” “Listen, I know you don’t like it but that’s the rule.” “Get over

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a family on the beach

Advice for Juggling Motherhood While Traveling

Author: Sara A Schader When I first became a histotechnologist, I never imagined going to so many places. As a traveler, I employed my skills all over the country. I went from my home in Michigan to New Jersey to California, and so on. I had so many adventures, and I gained valuable experience. It

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Stethescope and laptop

What to Expect During Your First Week as a Travel Nurse

Author: Katie Fitts You finally got credentialed and cleared for your travel nurse job and now the time is rapidly approaching for your first week on the job! Not knowing what to expect can be a little nerve-racking. While every hospital or facility is different, you can generally expect a few things to be happening.

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Couple with ocean behind

7 Lessons I Learned Traveling With a Non-Healthcare Partner

Author: Devon Breithart, OTR If you’re anything like I was when I finished grad school, you were interested in traveling for work but always had a good excuse to put off taking the leap. Maybe you just got a new puppy. Maybe you wanted to remain close to family. Maybe you wanted to get experience

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3 Tips for Preventing Nurse Burn Out

The report has been given. You’ve had your morning coffee. All of your patients have been rounded on. Everyone is safe. Medications administered. You’re off to a great start. As you’re getting ready to leave for your lunch break, you receive a call that one of your patients will be going down for a procedure.

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