Amber Pickler

Amber Pickler


What to Pack for TravCon

TravCon is the event of the year for traveling nurses and allied health professionals. This is not only a conference for healthcare travelers, but a time to connect with friends old and now. As the conference is approaching, you may be getting all of your last minute plans together. Packing for a conference can be

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Financial Planning Basics for Travelers

Congratulations, you are a travel medical professional. You are making the income many of your old staff positions deserve. The question now should be how you keep the most money and make it work on your behalf. If managed properly, your money should allow you to: pick when you want to take time off, be

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Best Ways for Healthcare Travelers to Avoid Housing Scams

Traveling Healthcare workers in the United States continuously become targets by housing scammers daily. Scammers use social media platforms to engage through private messenger or lure travelers to un-secure websites. They then wait, watch, and prey on travelers “Looking for housing in …” posts. Scammers are getting increasingly clever daily as they try to get

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TravCon Frequently Asked Questions

We are almost a month away from the biggest travel healthcare conference of the year–TravCon! Whether this is your first or fifth time attending, we cannot wait to meet you at Paris in Las Vegas this September.  Lately we have been getting several common questions from travelers planning out their experience. To make things easier,

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How to Prep for TravCon

TravCon is the largest conference for traveling healthcare providers in the United States. It is an annual event held in beautiful Las Vegas. This year the official conference dates are Sept. 18-21, 2022 and it will be held at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Whether this is your first or fifth time attending TravCon,

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How Facebook Messenger Can Get Travelers into Trouble

It’s unfortunate that something so well-intentioned can become so weaponized. I’m talking about Facebook Messenger and scammers taking advantage of travelers trying to find housing.  If you’re not aware, attached to any Facebook profile is a way for you to contact people, and for people to contact you. This is an essential part of any

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Traveling With Families & Homeschooling

The word seems so crazy right now, especially healthcare. How do you reconcile when your calling is out there serving your patients, but you also have a calling at home? At home your kid has wet the bed again and needs to get ready for school. Breakfast isn’t done and neither is their homework.  Well,

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The Perks & Perils of Posting

Tips to be social media savvy for the traveling healthcare professional Authors: Cynthia Weiss, RNC-NIC and Patricia Novak-Lybbert, RN,BSW,BSN Social media is an inescapable part of modern life. Whether your participation is active or passive, it is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage or to your detriment. The traveling healthcare professional

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How to Find Community on Assignment as a Traveler

Special thanks to Emily Cheng & Ryan Cogdill, Traveler Nurses & Co-Founders of MedVenture App for writing this blog. In today’s technological day-in-age, finding community while on assignment has never been easier! With a touch of a screen you can connect to thousands of traveling healthcare professionals across the United States and its territories. Below

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