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Meet Shari Daniel! She’s a labor and delivery nurse. She is also a licensed health insurance agent and owns Gypsy Insurance Solutions. Shari joined us for TravCon 2019 and plans to come back for 2021!

A couple of years ago, when Shari’s youngest child was a senior in high school, she decided it was time to start looking into traveling. She was very excited about the prospect of hitting the road. That is until she realized what an issue health insurance is for traveling healthcare professionals. Prior to becoming a nurse she had sold health insurance for several years and decided it was time to renew her license and help out her traveling friends.

TravCon asked Shari some of the important questions that travelers need to know when deciding on health insurance. There’s so much more to health insurance than we thought about. Thanks, Shari for sharing your knowledge with us!

What Should Travelers Know About Health Insurance?

My goal as the owner of Gypsy Insurance Solutions is to help each and every traveling professional find the right Insurance product for their needs. There is no one product that is perfect for everyone. Many times the right health insurance is through your agency. Sometimes it is through the marketplace (Obamacare). Insurance through your spouse’s employer is another option worth looking into.

And then there is the option of carrying your own private health insurance, either permanent or temporary. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. I pride myself on spending time to assess your needs and help determine which plan or plans are right for you and your family. I also pride myself on always being available to my customers.

Before you begin shopping for health insurance you need to understand the plusses and minuses of each of these options. That is where I come in. After discussing a bit about your health history I can begin to help you sort through the different plans available to you. I always liken this to a puzzle. I help you pick and choose the pieces of the puzzle that work for your life and your situation. It is only about 50% of the time that I end up selling a policy. The other 50% of the time I help you go over your other options and determine what makes the most sense for you.

What Should Travelers Look For In a Private Health Insurance Plan?

One of the most important features in a health plan for a traveling professional is nationwide coverage. Please be aware that many marketplace (Obamacare) plans do not cover you nationwide. They only cover you in your home state.

The plans I sell offer nationwide coverage, unlimited free tele docs, low (usually zero) deductible, stable rates, and the option to add dental, vision, life, critical illness, and disability in order to design a comprehensive benefits package.

A new benefit that I began offering earlier this year is one of my favorites. It is a health savings account. This account allows you to invest money every month toward your medical expenses. After 35 months the money you have invested doubles. You can use this money toward any health expenses including over-the-counter medications and elective procedures. The money never expires. This is available to anyone regardless of who your health insurance is through.

How Can Travelers Get in Touch With You?

Please feel free to contact me at 478-2INSURE or [email protected] I am happy to answer any questions or help you in any way. Please remember that I am also a nurse and work 12-hour shifts just like you do. If I do not answer you immediately I am probably at work. I will always get back to you within 24 hours.

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